Green House made of grass

Could spring be the perfect time to sell your home?

Green house for spring

It often feels like there’s no end to the frosty winter mornings. In actual fact, spring is just around the corner – and the upcoming season could mark a great time to sell your home. A recent study by The Advisory determined that March, April and May were ‘great’ times to sell your house. Other months were deemed to be between ‘bad’, ‘OK’ and ‘good’. Due to this, the next few weeks should provide you with the opportunity to mull over all the different ways that you could sell up. In the meantime, let’s look at two of the reasons why this spring could be the best time to put your house up for sale.


Quite frankly, people are more proactive in the spring. They’re free to leave their home without worrying about the weather, which means they can really make a start on looking for a new property. Yours, of course, might just be the first one that catches their eye. According to RightMove, there’s a pattern of buyers being quick to pounce in spring – with the average home spending 60 days or less on the market in March, April and May. Meanwhile, houses took between 62 and 79 days on average to sell during all other months of the year.


Anyone who’s interested in your home will understandably want to set a summer’s deadline to move in, so spring would be the perfect time to make an offer. After all, this means that they can be settled in ahead of the warmest season of the year – a time when most have holidays arranged or time off work booked in and the kids won’t be disrupted at school. You too can benefit from this if you sell your house fast, because you’ll also be free to move into your next home before summer arrives.

It’s almost time!

Fear not, the process of moving can be over and done within the blink of an eye if you sell house fast through Hassle-Free Home Sales. Not only can you forget about attracting buyers, but you can have your sale done and dusted in just a matter of weeks once spring has sprung.

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