Maintenance of a Garden: 5 Fatal Mistakes

A green and soft lawn is probably the desire of any owner who has a courtyard around the house, but a perfect one is quite difficult to obtain and maintain, even if at first glance it may seem very simple. In order to maintain its best shape, the plant needs proper hydration. Lawn grass is the basic operation for lawn maintenance, and to be fair, five fundamental and frequent mistakes must be avoided.


  1. Overdose is a common mistake made by most well-meaning owners who want a perfect lawn. Too much water can cause a number of negative effects, from a very rapid growth of grass to the appearance of fungi and other diseases, plus the waste of water. An indicator for measuring soil moisture may be used depending on which water is to be watered, or the behaviour of the lawn can be followed and, depending on the given clues.


  1. Insufficient watering is at least as common a mistake as it occurs, especially in the case of freshly planted turf. It would need more water to strengthen its roots, while the mature lawn needs less. If you have a plot of mature lawn and one with a young lawn, take care of how you get the water.


  1. Not monitoring the irrigation system. You’ve invested in an automatic irrigation system, but even if you’ve programmed it and everything works perfectly from a technical point of view, it does not mean you got out of sight. The irrigation system must be adapted to weather conditions to avoid the first two mistakes.


  1. Watering at an inappropriate time. It is contraindicated to wet the lawn after sunset. At night, water will accumulate and increase the risk of grass diseases caused by excessive moisture. The best time, according to the specialists, is early in the morning, especially during the hot weather, because you will provide the lawn with the water it needs to cope with the weather conditions throughout the day.


  1. Dry grass is not necessarily dead, so it must be watered. In cold weather, grass can enter a conservation state by concentrating resources on the root. If you notice such behaviour in your lawn, it is important to continue the hydration program. Specialists say there are chances that when the heat is over, the lawn will recover.

See this great video on YouTube courtesy of B&Q on caring for your lawn: