Keep Neighbours Happy

Thinking about moving home?

Your neighbours might very well be the last thing on your mind when you decide to move property. After all, in the not-so-distant future, you won’t have to see their faces on a daily basis. It would be, of course, wrong to pre-emptively sever ties with them before there’s actually a moving van outside your home. Why? Well, quite frankly they can be very handy to have on your side when you sell your property. Here are three ways that they could be the key to a quick and successful sale.


Buyers don’t just want their own home to look impeccable. Instead, they will also want the surrounding properties to be easy on the eyes too. You will obviously have more influence with your neighbours if you’re on good terms, so you could always suggest that they make minor improvements – such as trimming back a hedge – ahead of you welcoming prospective buyers into your home.


Who wants to live next door to a screaming family who always has music blaring? Thankfully you’ll have more chance of persuading your neighbours to be on their best behaviour during viewings if they’re still on your side as you start the moving process. Don’t forget, for most people it can be a deal-breaker if they view a house and the neighbours seem even slightly questionable.


It’s not unheard of for buyers to pop around to a would-be neighbour before putting a bid in on a house. They usually do so to ask general questions about the area, as well as to get a sense of who they’ll be living near. Sadly, you can’t guarantee that your neighbours will provide a glowing reference if the relationship has turned sour between you both. Therefore, be sure to keep them firmly on your side until the sale has gone through.

There’s another way

If you don’t feel like playing up to your neighbours, then there is another way that you can ensure your property will sell. Rather than put it on the market and wait for buyers to pounce, you can sell your house quickly with National Property Trade. It’s a fuss-free process that results in a cash offer, so be sure to take advantage today.