Couple selling property fast

Top 7 reasons people want to sell their house fast

If you’re in the market to buy a new house, you’re wise to contain your excitement when you come across a dream property for a knock-down price. Is there something you’re missing? Buying a house always involves a lot of money changing hands so when a price seems too good to be true, run through this list of potential reasons the current owner wants to sell property fast:

1. Size

The house may be smaller than it appears. Even when you’re looking around, if the house is uncluttered and has minimal furniture it can be made to look bigger. Ask for the property’s size in square metres to see if it’s actually an upgrade on your current situation.

2. Bad neighbours

This is the nightmare situation that can sometimes be a deal breaker. It could just be that the current owners have fallen out with a nearby resident over something minor. It’s always worth asking them if this is the case. 

3. New job

This is a common reason for someone to be selling property. Moving away to a new location indicates perhaps there’s nothing wrong with the house after all and they just need a quick move. Jump in!

4. Relationship status

Marriage breakdowns are an unfortunate fact of life. Divorces can be messy and couples often want to get the house sold as quickly as possible. Again, a green light for you though.

5. Expecting a baby

Families grow, and the current occupants may simply be upgrading. During a pregnancy negotiating house prices is the last stress a couple will want. Good news all around.

6. Death in the family

An unfortunate reason for any house sale. Sometimes the occupant may have died and a relative is simply wanting to sell property for quick cash. 

7. Promotion

A much more positive reason could be that the current occupant has just got a whopping raise at work or has even been promoted to a senior position. Ask them about their situation and they’ll be happy to boast about it if this is the case. A flash new car in the driveway will probably support their claim!

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